Life takes us through many treacherous valleys and over jagged peaks. We learn to seek out refuge in the cleft of the rock – our heavenly Father’s arms. Choosing to find solace there and respite from the storm or running into the ferocious wind, getting beat by the tempestuous hail and then wandering what we are doing there long from where we desire to be. The Father woos us, pursues us, fights for us and speaks to us above the waves – Take my hand and I will lead you home. He is always there even when the darkness blinds our eyes to see.

Book One – Stormy Garden. Love and Intimacy is what every heart hopes for, but few understand the sacrifice it takes to get to a place of unconditional love.

Book Two – Life’s Oasis. In this second edition of The Love Legacy series, the troublesome times of life continue to pull at the strings of our hearts as comfort comes in finding the refreshing source of refuge hidden within.

Book Three – Eternity’s Edge. Deep within the canyons of our lives are buried dreams, hopes and promises for tomorrow.

Book Four – Healing Heritage.  The rugged heritage of bitterness and pain may leave you in the barrenness of a parched and cracked land.

Each sentence following the book numbers is the first sentence on the back cover of each book. You do not want to miss this exciting life changing series. They may be purchased through the Store on this site. Three dollar discount for purchasing set of four. For every book sold a dollar is donated to Run for The Son.

Alice would love to share with your group. She is a dynamic, inspirational and gently powerful speaker. If interested in scheduling a booking go to the Events page and fill out the attached form.
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February 18, 2018
December 17, 2017
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