Life’s Oasis

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As the daily struggles of life tug at the strings of our heart, comfort comes in knowing there is calm in the midst of the storm.

The waters of life are to be found in the midst of the cracked and barren land. Just when Brian and Maria feel their life becoming “somewhat normal,” they are hit with a mirage of conditions that try the soul and test the spirit’s resilience.

Cross the sand dunes of the unfamiliar land of parenthood with Brian and Maria, wandering through the desert regions from dream to reality and tasting the healing springs of joy in the midst of struggle.

Hold Eula and Aaron’s hands as they traverse a dry, uninhabited land of their own.

Span a devastating desert as Brian confronts death and fights for the abused on his job.

Will Brian and Maria find the fertile space within during the unpredictable and unknown circumstances of life?